Welcome to web sites of “angry young artists” enjoying life. We are a two people who try to express perfection, we are still searching and discovering. In our work we try to communicate our awareness of all beauties and often obscurities of the world.

We create psychedelic fluorescent art decorations. The decorations are mostly cotton sheets painted with acrylic fluorescent paint. They are one of party factors helping to “travel” into other dimensions, into world of imagination and fantasy beyond ordinary reality. Apart from this activity we engage in graphic and web designing.

Our decorations were seen at many parties in The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Switzerland, London, Paris, Lisbon, Budapest . We were decorating parties since 1998.

We are decoration crew made by two people who are trying to make the party place more colorful, more creative. Our decorations are abstract, some of them are concret. We try to express how we perceive the universe, the divinity, the organic and unorganic world, the female and male elemental. We try to work with the place of the party to do it more various. All our effort is made because we love painting, because of psytrance freaks who are our motivation to do our decos better and better and because we love the atmosphere for the psychedelic parties and its music of course. For better idea of our decorations, you can check our website: http://cybofunk.psytrance.cz/. Since 1998 we have been decorating the parties. We decos the party in the Europe and few of them we decored in Asia. Cybofunk crew was found in 2003, before that we were part of Flurobotanics decoration crew.

2006 | Cybofunk deco crew | Czech republic