Cy-real is living in London. In 2006 he graduates at The Institut for Artistic Studies – Art section, at University of Ostrava, subject Free and applied graphic art.

He was born in Novy Jicin. He was interested in painting already as a child. After secondary school and one-year study of history he started his studies of art at University of Ostrava.

In summer 1999 he went to his first psy-trance party and was absolutely amazed by the music, visual impression and general atmosphere. He decided to try fluorescent painting and create decorations. He made a small atelier in his garage, bought fluoro paints and started creating his first decoration on a cotton sheet. Fluorescent painting enraptured him by its “magical cosmic luminosity”. Soon he started experimenting with various techniques and materials.

In 2001-2003 he made 9 decorations as a member of Fluorobotanics and participated in decorating many parties in The Czech Republic (Sonic Distortion parties, Tribal Vision parties – Prague, Ostrava, Brno and many more...), Slovakia ( Cosmic Dance parties – Piešťany, Hill Top – Rimavská Sobota, parties in Nitra) and also in London ( The Last Prophecy – 2003) and Portugal (A Cerimonia – 2003).

At the end of 2003 he leaves Fluorobotanics and sets up Cybofunk with another ex-fluorobotanic – Borut. Cy-real keeps on working, creates another 8 decos and decorates many parties as Cybofunk: CZ (Prague – Cross Club parties, Bioles, Ostrava indoor and outdoor parties), Slovakia ( Hill Top festivals – 2005, Piešťany parties) and London squat parties (Dr.Love´s Hatchback Flashback- 2004 and M.D.M.A. party -2005). In the meantime he continues working with reflexive paints and sprays. In 2006 he graduates at The Institut for Artistic Studies at University of Ostrava, with his diploma thesis entitled Cyberspace.

2006 | Cybofunk deco crew | Czech republic