Psychedelic decorations and ornamentations are a substantial part of every psy-trance party, they help to reach higher states of consciousness. “Psychedelic” means “mind-evolving, mind-broadening”. In Greek this word is composed of “psyche” - soul, and “delun” - disclose. The decorations are one of the factors enabling “travelling” into other dimensions, into world of imagination and fantasy beyond ordinary reality.

Decorations can be installed indoors as well as outdoors.

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|| Hidden eyes

|| Dragons

|| Cyber 2

|| Cyber 1

|| Jing jang

|| Organic

|| Robo head

|| Time warp

|| Tajmahal

|| Underwater

|| Landscape

|| Mandala

|| Cyber aztek

|| Jingjangdragon

|| Psy shark

|| Cosmik triptych

2006 | Cybofunk deco crew | Czech republic