Our work includes many experiments – use of various techniques, styles and themes. The content is often based on “abstractization” and ornamenting natural, technical, architectonical and other phenomena.

Our work is a means of communication. It is an expression of our feelings, visions and our energy. We animate our images. They live lives of their own, they are born, they grow, evolve and die. The real place of existence of an artwork is the mind and the heart of a man. These are the place where all images exist.

We find inspiration in the work of surrealists, futurists and many founders, pioneers and contemporary authors of the abstract art. Nature, love, technology, cyberspace, mystic stories of travelling into other dimensions, micro and macrocosmos – these are another sources of inspiration.

The fluorescent glare of landscapes, mandalas, architectonical and technical elements, abstract ornaments and symbols…this magical world of decorations creates a visual atmosphere which is one of the essences of a good psy-trance party.

Psychedelic music is based mainly on a “story” of psychedelic sound. In combination with psychedelic decorations, it can take you away to other worlds, foreign landscapes and galaxies. Everything is communicating and speaking not only to our imagination. In the state of intensive enjoyment we reach a harmony with all the universe and with oneself. A psy-trance party experience is a sacrament bringing love into our souls.

2006 | Cybofunk deco crew | Czech republic